Ethan the Entrepreneur

A new friend of mine that attends BSF with me told me about a really neat opportunity for Ethan recently.

I have to add a little story here about how we got to talking at BSF.  She and I were both volunteering in the kids’ program one night and when the kids were working on their memory verse for the next week, she suggested they try saying it in a robot voice (classic classical conversations tutor idea right there) and I, naturally, didn’t hesitate and started using my robot voice.  Afterwards we got to talking and discovered that we are both CC tutors at different sites in the Denver area.  She laughed and said, “I should have known when you didn’t hesitate with the robot voice thing.” =D

Anyway, the opportunity was for Ethan to run a lemonade/apple cider stand at the mall for a company called, “Jack’s Stands“.  It was founded by a local 10-year old boy and was recently on Shark Tank.  E worked a 3 hour shift at the mall (from 1-4 pm) and earned about $30.  He was darling!  I was so proud of him; he had to be very brave to talk to complete strangers and ask if they wanted to buy some lemonade.

Feel good moment: all the teenage boys and girls who stopped by to buy from him.  I was so impressed by these youth.  I don’t think I would have parted with $3 for a little glass of lemonade when I was their age.  And they were all SO sweet to him.

He’s saving up money for Star Wars legos, I believe, but he’s also going to give some to our church.  The kids’ program is pooling their money to buy a goat and clean water for families in developing countries.

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