Christmas in Missouri!

We decided to drive to see our families for Christmas this year and we are thrilled that we did!  

We left our home on the 21st and drove 6 peaceful hours (boys fell asleep within 30 minutes of getting in the car) to Kansas. We stayed the night there and I drove the rest of the way to Missouri to Grandpa Russ’ house the following morning (Mike worked in the car on the way). 

We really enjoyed our time with Grandpa Russ. He cooked some delicious meals for us and we helped go through some rooms to organize and sort.  The boys played with army guys a bunch and also enjoyed learning how to play darts. We also were able to go to Mike’s old church for Christmas Eve. The highlight for the boys would probably be playing with the dogs, Duke and Calvin.

Thanks for hosting us, Grandpa Russ! We sure had a nice time with you!!

*my computer died today so I am updating the blog on my phone. I can’t rearrange the order of the pics to reflect the timeline. 😦 

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