12 ish Days of Christmas

Just wanted to give my own silly rendition of our 12 days of Christmas travel. Please note, most numbers are approximates 🙂

  1. 1 movie watched during our various days of driving (Hugo)
  2. 2 dogs to play with (Duke and Calvin at Grandpa Russ’ house)
  3. 3 homes to sleep in (Grandpa Russ, Great Grandpa, and Grandma and Grandpa)
  4. 4 (ish) Star Wars related gifts given to each boy 😛
  5. 5 audiobooks listened to
  6. 6 is the Star Wars episode we watched as a fam this year 
  7. 7 (million) delicious special treats eaten
  8. 8 States to drive through (Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin)
  9. 9 (ish) games of matching played on the iPad 
  10. 10 (ish) presents opened (the boys opened gifts every couple hours on our Christmas Day drive)
  11. 11 (ish) pieces of gum eaten by each boy (probably way more, actually, as we didn’t monitor it one bit! Merry Christmas!) 
  12. 12 is the time the boys stayed awake until on New Year’s Eve (milestone!)

Honorable mention: 0 fights in the car! Woot! Pictures to come in our next posts. 

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