Grandma Cleve’s Visit!

We had the pleasure of hosting Grandma Cleve as our first guest of 2017.  She stayed in Denver for 10 days, but split her time between us and Aunt Ashley/Uncle Zach/Caleb’s place.  We had a great time with her: enjoying games, yummy food, sledding, and a couple museums!

Denver Art Museum Star Wars Costume Exhibit (part of our Christmas present to her this year):


It was a really neat exhibit.  Unfortunately, Micah was not a big fan of it, but Ethan and Grandma Cleve made up for that with their extra excitement about everything! =D  Please excuse how old E looks…looking like he’s talking on a cell phone!  Sheesh.

Time around the house:


Sledding at the big hill:

During the work/school week, Grandma Cleve spent some time over with Aunt Ashley’s family.  We started back to school.  I’ll write about that in another post.  Grandma Cleve came back to our home in time to enjoy CC community day with us.  This was Micah’s first day of CC so it was an extra special blessing to have Grandma Cleve in town to sit in his class.  He really was glad to have her with him!  And she snapped a ton of pictures, which made me extra happy!!  Thanks, GC, for making that day go so smoothly for us!

I left Thursday evening for a work trip to help my sister in Atlanta (more on that in another post).  Grandma Cleve stayed with the family until Sunday afternoon.  On Saturday, they went to the Museum of Nature and Science.  They clearly had a great time!

Thanks for coming to visit, Grandma Cleve!  We enjoyed our time with you, as always. =D

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