Homeschooling Two!

Over the Christmas season, we made a big decision for our family.  Micah really wanted to be home with the rest of us and we didn’t see much of a reason to keep sending him to preschool when I was already homeschooling Ethan.  SO, we officially put in our notice at his preschool and began preparations for him to begin Classical Conversations with us. We did not take this decision lightly and acknowledge that it will be difficult, but we believe it’s a good fit for our family and time to give it a go!

Our first day was…basically a disaster.  I felt very discouraged after…oh, not long, unfortunately.  We had a lot of talks about doing hard things, having a positive attitude, etc. etc.  It wasn’t pretty.  Things improved dramatically the following days and we seem to have found some things that work for us.  I’m sure that one day was not the only “bump” in our homeschooling journey for two and I’ll try to keep the blog real, but without complaining too much.  This is the beautiful, messy life we’ve chosen and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. =D

Homeschool stories:

Micah told me he was going to be “black” and then he would die.  Not sure what on earth he was thinking about, I asked questions.  As it turned out, he was thinking about our CC timeline song “…the hundred years war and black death…”

Overhearing the boys playing with Legos, I heard Micah talking about the various places his people were from – “Norway, Sweden, Finland” – all places he learned about in CC geography.

This week at CC, Ethan gave a presentation about a sculpture he got from Aunt Jen.  After talking about how much he loves his dog, he said, “there are a lot of people over in Kenya that wouldn’t have a job if my Aunt Jennie didn’t do what she does.”  =D


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