I had the opportunity to fly back to Atlanta (my first time being back since our move about a year ago) this past weekend.  I went to help my sister with the trade show downtown.  You’ll remember that previously I had helped her for a few days while living there.  It was great to be back there again – fun to help Jen, wonderful to see some of my friends, and nice to be working a bit and have a break from mom-ing. =D

Here are some pictures from the trade show to give you an idea of what it’s like there.  Jen and I had a great time working together!

I forgot to take pictures with each of my friends, but I did snap one with Patricia, my old neighbor (side note – living near her was incredible and such a huge, huge blessing.  Seeing her again reminded me of what a sweet situation we had sharing the cul-de-sac with her family).  I was able to see three different dear friends of mine on three different evenings.  It was absolutely wonderful to catch up with them in person!


Jen and I loved getting to watch the Packers game together on Sunday.  We had hoped to actually GO to the Packers game (if the circumstances had been different – Lions needed to beat the Seahawks to make that happen), but we had a great (albeit nerve-wracking) time at a bar walking distance from the trade show.

And this is what it looks like when the booth is all packed up:


Atlanta was lots of work, but even more fun.  Thanks, Jen, for inviting me to come!!

I am so thankful that Mikey could hold down the fort so well while I was away.  The boys are incredible and were able to entertain themselves while he worked.  Here are a couple pics from their time together:

Micah was pumped to get this “flying dragon” heart from Aunt Jen and wanted to “take a selfie” to show her.  Oh my word.


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