Bear with me, more homeschooling updates are here!  I realize our little life is not terribly exciting, but we’re pretty much okay with that. =D  I am working on being content and present in whatever the Lord asks me to do.  Right now, that’s a whole lot of homeschooling two wonderful boys.

We started PE plus for the spring semester last week.  Micah tried it out and is still contemplating whether he’d like me to officially sign him up for it or not.  I’m guessing he will do it.  He seemed to enjoy it, although he needed lots of little hugs and kisses throughout the hour.  I’ve discovered that by being available for all of those little breaks, he feels more comfortable and confident.  So, even though it may seem little silly or redundant, I give loads of confidence-boosting hugs to help him stick it out with all those bigger kids.  E would probably prefer it if Micah did not join since sometimes he also needs confidence-boosting hugs from Ethan and he’d really prefer to just play dodgeball. ;D  He’s pretty sweet about it, thankfully!!

Micah has really started to shine in homeschool.  He sings his CC songs all.the.time.  Here’s his current favorite on video:

He is also learning to sit in the tough stuff like reading and writing and math.  He would tell you on any given day that none of those subjects are his favorite…but, truly, I think the only subject he actually likes right now is art.  He loves drawing and teaching us how to draw.  Oh!  And he loves to do science experiments.  Also, he’s making some serious progress towards reading right now and that’s been pretty exciting.

Micah is also learning how to communicate better.  He told me in tears that there is one part of CC that he doesn’t like “one bit” and that is drawing on the maps.  He says it goes too fast and he never knows where to draw for the countries.  So, today, we spent some time going over the maps more slowly and using markers just like we do in CC.  He still was feeling nervous about it, but he seemed to enjoy it.

Ethan absolutely blows my mind.  He has a memory like none I’ve ever seen.  Today I quizzed him on 14 weeks of history sentences and 14 weeks of math memory work (both from CC) and he did everything with very, very, very little help from me.  I promise you that I am NO WHERE NEAR where he is in terms of memorizing.  We have decided to try for our own version of “memory master” which will mean having complete mastery of the 24 weeks of cycle 2 history and math.  A true CC “memory master” would know every single subject perfectly, but Ethan is 7…we’ve got plenty o’ time for that in the coming years!  This will be a good challenge, but something he can definitely achieve.

Just to give you an idea, here’s a history sentence for one week (Micah was singing a history sentence from week 13, this is week 14).  And then imagine him knowing 23 other sentences like this…so neat!

He also reads *at least* 12 chapter books every month.  The motivation behind this (besides just enjoying to read) is a free personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut!  I still remember getting mine with my mom – it was awesome!  But why don’t they have any Pizza Huts around here with actual tables and chairs anymore?!  It’s sad to order a pizza and then eat it on a bench outside. =/

Anyway, that’s what we have been up to this past week.  I am really proud of these hard-working boys!  And I am learning SO much in the process!

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