Life Lately

The other morning I made some cheese, egg and ham muffins.  Somebody was super pumped about this:

Unfortunately, they turned out kind of gross.  I’m officially in search of tasty egg muffins.  I’m hoping that if I just don’t add the sprouted flour and baking soda, they might taste better… To be continued…

Thursday evenings are usually the nights we do take out or something else that requires little effort on my part.  I took the boys shopping earlier in the week to plan ahead for…frozen pizza night with kombucha soda!  We also bought some sourdough to go with this delicious soup I made – sweet potato and orange soup.  (seriously, it was delicious, even though it sounds disgusting…)  Anyway, I discovered these little beauties on my phone that evening.  Photo cred goes to Micah, who was in charge of crossing things off the grocery list on my phone.

This is how the boys react to the little things in life:

On Friday afternoon, I spoiled the boys by taking them to see Trolls at the cheap movie theater nearby.  They had a fantastic week of homeschool and just overall great behavior while Mikey was out of town for work.  It was nice to just give them a special outing!  It was lots of fun for us.

Our family went to a nearby frisbee golf course on Saturday.  We sure love to play disc golf.  Micah ran for at least the first 5 holes and sporadically throughout the rest of the course, too.  Ethan has a phenomenal arm – he plays far better than me in terms of accuracy.  I’m still stronger…but it won’t be long!

Our nephew, Abe, had his first birthday this weekend.  Mike and I kept saying, “he’s only one…are you sure??” because he just feels so much older to us for some reason.  The boys sent over a happy birthday video for him:

We spent most of our weekend playing games, reading books and eating yummy food.  It was nice to have a mega low-key weekend just as a family.  I took the weekend mostly “off” from cooking since I had been a solo parent throughout the week.  Mikey is always so sweet to me to give me a nice break after long weeks.

The bottom photos feature the boys and me wearing our new clothes from ThredUp.  I was pretty pumped about our recent purchase.  Ethan was the main benefactor since his wardrobe was a little sparse.  And because Ethan got quite a few new shirts, I wanted to make sure to give Micah a new one to be excited about, too.  I also went through some of our boxes of clothes to make sure I had some hand-me-downs ready to give to Micah.

Stay tuned for a funny story about homeschooling…

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