World War I Leaders

So, being a mom of two boys who love doing Classical Conversations is such a wonderful blessing.  They are learning so much and seem to really enjoy it.  The other morning I was listening to them playing together with their army guys.  This is the gist of what I overheard:

“Hey!  Wilhelm the 2nd?!” -Ethan

“Of Russia?” -Micah

“No, of Germany!  Where is he?” -Ethan

“Okay, got him! … Clemenceau?!” -Micah

“Of France?” -Ethan

“Yeah!” -Micah

“Okay, here he is…. How about Lloyd George of England?” -Ethan

“Got him.” -Micah

For your reference, here is another rendition of our History sentence, “tell me about World War I leaders.” (complete with our very own little world war…)

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