I guess you just have to assume that for every “life lately” type of a post, there’s going to be a “homeschooling” post to go along with it.  Homeschooling is life lately. =D

Micah – working on math and reading.  He’s sounding out quite a few words now, so that’s been exciting.

I asked Ethan to fill out this blank map with anything he knew from the geography he has learned over the weeks in CC.  I was thrilled to see how much of the map of Europe he had filled in.

And here are some more CC songs:

I sincerely hope this never comes across as bragging or even like I think homeschooling (or even CC) is the best for everyone.  It’s working for our family.  In this season.  For now. We plan to take each year as it comes and spend a lot of time in prayer deciding what’s best for that year.  And isn’t it fun to hear little kids singing songs about facts you (okay, maybe just me!) didn’t learn about until high school?! =D

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