Life Lately

We enjoy games in our family.  We tend to play one game a whole bunch until we are sick of it.  Apparently we did that to Qwirkle, because E won’t play it with me anymore even though I ask to play it almost every week.  Anyway, our current two favorites are Mancala and Machi Koro.  We can’t get enough of them right now!

Ethan has gotten incredibly good and has out-smarted BOTH of his parents on a couple of occasions.  And Micah is learning the patience necessary to sit through a whole game and it’s been going really well.  He plays about 1 in every 4 games, but is perfectly happy to keep himself busy with magnatiles while we play.

Oh, Magnatiles, how we love thee:

We finished another “read-aloud”.  It was recommended as a read-aloud to go along with our CC curriculum:  It’s a good website for ideas for homeschooling, although it mostly just overwhelms me.  Ethan sits next to me while I read and Micah plays with…magnatiles.  But, I must say, Micah asks some good questions and often starts singing CC-related songs when he hears words he knows.  So, I know he’s listening. =D


Ethan is our sole participator in PE plus again this semester.  He is allowed to participate on a week-to-week basis, though, so perhaps you’ll see him join in some weeks.  Ethan seems to really enjoy it.

Ethan is also doing the ReadIt program with Pizza Hut.  He reads 12 chapter books (that’s the goal I set for him) and then gets a personal pan pizza.  Both boys find this to be lots of fun!

Micah got an exciting piece of mail last week!  Grandpa Russ sent him a matching Army hat and he was beaming about it.  In fact, he went to sleep that night with it on. =D


Don’t judge us…but this is what our downstairs looks like most days.  They make forts and battlefields =D


Chopsticks – making eating veggies fun:


We were sad to see the Falcons lose the Super Bowl this year.  I always like being able to say that we lost to the Super Bowl champs…and we lived in Atlanta for a few years.  Micah was cheering for both teams, primarily because his mama dislikes the Patriots with a passion.  He’s a stinker, but very cuddly.

Whenever the boys receive or earn money, they like to count it all up and then go on amazon to see what Legos they might like to buy next.

More updates to come…this one feels really long already. =D

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