When Daddy’s away, we play all day!

Mike had a fun opportunity to play golf in Arizona with his golf league buddies.  This has become a new tradition for them and it seems like such a fantastic trip!  He spends time with his friends, sees some members of his family and golfs every day.  We couldn’t be happier that he has the freedom to do it.  And…we had a whole lotta fun at home while he was gone.

On Wednesday evening, the boys and I just played in the basement.  The boys fought one another, impressing their queen.

Thursday the weather started turning beautiful, so we spent some time at the park after our day at CC.

That evening we watched “Finding Winnie” which was a super short film of the children’s book we had read for school.

Friday…unbelievably lovely weather.  We reached a high of 79 degrees.  We spent PE plus at the park and stayed there for another hour+ afterwards, just enjoying the sunshine and our friends.  Later we played some cornhole and took a walk to get FroYo. =D

The weather cooled off a bit by Saturday.  But the boys and I still spent a good amount of time outside.  In fact, I am SO proud of them…we went for about a 2 mile bike ride!  I walked next to Micah (who had previously only rode his bike about 800 yards) to help him up the hills.  It was incredible!  We went all the way to our little free library and played at the “rock park”.  I also read them a book we found there – a book on Degas who happens to be the artist we learned about on Thursday!  How cool!  Then we biked to our fav pizza place for some yummy lunch.

Interspersed throughout our weekend were skype chats with various members of our family and lots of games of Machi Koro.  We especially enjoyed chatting with Uncle Brad while he was with Grandma and Grandpa in Florida and seeing their cousins, Abey Baby and Ivan.  Micah showed everyone lots of pictures from various books.

My favorite story from these chats come to you from Ivan.  He was playing with his t-rex and kept saying, “you bit my finger!”  When I asked him what his t-rex’s name was, he told me it was “Char-lie” said JUST like: Charlie bit me.  He’s hilarious.

Meanwhile, here’s Mike with his buddies:


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