Other happenings…

E finished the Star Wars book we got him for Christmas.  I don’t think he was reading it for 2 months.  I think he just started this past week and finished it.  At any rate, it was pretty exciting.


The boys really enjoy making videos of the songs they have learned for CC, so I just keep making them.  I hope you find them charming. =D

The boys LOVE getting mini figs in the mail!  Thanks, Grandma Cleve!  What a fun treat!

We’ve been playing A LOT of games of Machi Koro these days.  I’m close to burn out.  However, Ethan keeps beating me…the motivation to beat him keeps me playing. =D  The other day he absolutely killed me.  I think he had an excess of 80 coins or something crazy like that.  It was so nuts, we had to take a picture.


I also snapped a picture of him at CC last week during Fine Arts.  He did a very nice job on his painting with various textures.


Mike and E learned how to play chess at the same time.  They are pretty evenly matched and have a lot of fun playing together.  Micah and I play Blink or Connect Four or Uno during these games.  I didn’t snap a picture of us, though, sorry.


We renewed Ethan’s passport last week.  It is absolutely crazy to think he is old enough to need a renewed passport.  Where has the time gone??  This is the boys waiting patiently while we signed the forms to make it official.


Micah took these selfies of us sitting outside in the sunshine.

We had some friends over for dinner recently.  I was the only girl in a home full of boys!  My friend was taking care of her Mom, so we got the chance to host the guys by us while she was away.


We made a purchase recently – on sale and made in America.  Doesn’t get better than that, does it??  😉  We had been looking for an option for comfy reading in the school room (and for Mike to be able to have someplace to sit in his office/school room) and this fits the bill.

And, lastly, pics from homeschool and reading:

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