Daddio got home in time for Valentine’s Day…the same day that Micah got sick.  I remember the date because we were hoping to go roller skating that evening for Valentine’s Day, but had to cancel because of Micah’s fever.  He spent the next week (ish) not feeling super well.  It started off with his head hurting like crazy, with a fever coming and going.  Then it moved into a cough (which is still just barely lingering) and a very brief ear ache.  Anyway, we didn’t realize how icky he was feeling still on Thursday when we went out to go golfing on a beautiful evening.  He was a trooper, but he was absolutely miserable. =/  I got LOTS of snuggle time with this boy over the week and he slept with Mommy during the nights to ensure that he got as many snuggles as he needed while he was in so much pain.

I thought I was going to avoid getting sick when it didn’t hit me in the first few days/nights.  Unfortunately, I caught it.  And so did Ethan.  Thankfully it hasn’t been horrible, although that head pain was no joke!!  I got a lot of snuggles and naps in with this boy, too.

Homeschooling has been very minimal the past two weeks. We have read a lot of books and watched a few movies. I have been thankful that I haven’t needed to quantify how sick the boys are…if they can’t play with toys because they keep stopping for snuggles and naps, they can’t do school. It’s been refreshing to know we can get to it all later and not stress about sickness slowing us down!

Huge thanks to Grandma Cleve for the Chronicles of Narnia movies! The boys and I loved getting to see them again!!

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