I am sharing this story for my own sake…to remind me to continue working  hard to raise gentlemen and to not just let things slide because they are “just boys being boys” or something.  Parenting requires a lot of intentionality and I need these reminders so that I don’t become passive!

Mike and I had been noticing a trend towards fighting and violence during the boys’ playtime – mostly centered around Star Wars and army guys.  The fighting wouldn’t have been bad – we actually love many of the messages in Star Wars about fighting the dark side and good triumphing over evil, etc. etc. – but it was taking a turn for the dark side.  It was getting a little gory for my tastes and I was hearing a lot of “bad guy” talk.  The bad guy teams were winning  and seemed to be getting a lot of praise and attention from the boys.  Things took a turn for the worse this morning, so we had a little heart-to-heart.

I explained to the boys the importance of fighting FOR something.  We talked about defending people who others might tease or try to hurt.  We talked about all of the honorable ways the knights took care of people and protected them.  We talked about what made the dark side so evil and why would we never, ever want to cheer for people who were hurting others and only doing things to make themselves more powerful.  We even talked about WW2, since we’ve been learning about it in CC.  We talked about honoring God with the way we play and the way we talk.  And we talked about doing to others what we would want them to do to us.

It was a wonderful chat and incredibly well-received.  These boys impress me.  They took me seriously and contributed to the conversation.  And, I am humbled and happy to report that they took the message to heart.

All day long I overheard Micah singing a song he made up, “We are the knights who fight for the good of other people…we risk our lives for other people.”  Later, I heard them playing “Chronicles of Narnia” and Aslan was winning!  I know this will be a battle we face often, but I am hopeful that doing good…loving mercy…and walking humbly with our God will win more often than not in our little home.

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