Life Lately

So, this strange, relatively easy sickness has lasted for two and a half weeks now.  I am so thankful that it hasn’t been absolutely miserable.  It has caused us to stay in the house and cancel lots of plans, but we haven’t been living in sheer misery.  It could have been worse.  Here are some pictures of us living life lately…with colds. =/

I always love to hear what books people are reading.  It helps to encourage me in my goal to learn to LOVE to read and to choose that as a mode of entertainment over show or movie-watching.  Anyway, here are the books I’m in the middle of reading (not including the fun ones I am reading to the boys):


Milestone for this girl.  I finally played this silly game (which always reminds me of Cracker Barrel and driving to Florida) and had only 1 pin remaining.  Epic.  Also…this is what was going on while I was peacefully playing my game! 😉


We spent that day playing various games we hadn’t played in a while.  Ethan beat us all in bowling and Micah and Mommy won in the other game…I don’t remember what it’s called but it had to do with getting your little marble thing to stop in a target and getting points for the times yours stopped in it.  Anyway, it was nice to play games that skill wasn’t really a factor and kept everyone engaged. =D


Naturally, we’ve got some homeschooling going on.  I got them WW2 coloring books and we did our Memory Work for CC review while coloring the other day.  They also chose to color while listening to an Adventures in Odyssey story (thanks, Aunt Mel!).

We tried a new breakfast – overnight oats.  I enjoyed having a very chill morning with no cooking and the boys thought they were really good.  We didn’t love the cocoa flavor in these ones, but we think we may have found a good substitute.  Anyway, took these pictures to send to my friend who sent us the recipe.

By the way, these boys really amaze me with their self-discipline and their courteousness. This morning I had made them breakfast and handed it to them but then I got distracted and started chatting with Mikey in our room.  About 2 minutes into our conversation, I hear Ethan call from the kitchen, “hey, Mom?  May we pray and eat?”  My word.  They were waiting for me!  Little sweeties.

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