More Life Lately

Thankfully, the boys and I were well enough to attend homeschool day at the aquarium.  This was a pre-pay event, so I was really hoping we’d be able to go.  I don’t recall ever going to the Denver aquarium before, but Mike thought we had.  At any rate, now I see how amazing the aquarium in Atlanta really was.  I always enjoyed going to it, but I didn’t have anything to compare it against. 😉

The aquarium was fun to see, though, and we had a really good time.  We saw various people from our CC community there, which made it even better.

Micah took some pictures, too:

This picture of Micah makes me smile because of the story behind it.  We were looking at some sharks and trying to take a picture of a shark.  I asked if Micah wanted a picture of him with the sharks, so he stood there and sort of smiled.  But moved away right away and said, “actually, I didn’t want to take that picture.” =D


The boys are getting excited about soccer starting soon.  They did some practicing in a game against Dad.  He’s really good…so after I shot these two pictures, I joined the game.  We still lost. =(

The other morning I walked by the boys’ room and found this (I guess Micah was being Han Solo that day, instead of a Packer player):


Also featured in the photo above is our “pet bunny” in his cage. =D

Last week after CC, we picked up Mikey from his Bible Study and work location.  It was gorgeous outside, so we enjoyed a little treat when we got there.  The golf course you can see in the back is the one we’ll be playing at a lot in the next 3 years.  We got a killer deal on unlimited golf there.

It’s the beginning of the new month.  This means Ethan finished his goal of reading books for February and earned another personal pan pizza.  (He read 15 chapter books in February!)  It also means we went to play Dart Wars afterwards.  Ethan does a great job out there playing.  I rarely see him, unless I’m in the dugout for having gotten out myself/Micah having gotten out.  Micah still likes to stay close to me during the games and if he gets out, I’m automatically out, too.  It’s so much fun playing with the boys!  I am always far too busy finding ammo and whatnot to take any pictures.  Just know that we have lots of fun every homeschool day at Dart Wars. =D


And, our backyard is such a mess.  But I kind of like it that way.  The boys can be messy and  run around back there and I don’t even worry about how it looks!  Ethan made a “ramp” out there for Micah’s scooter.  Oh my word.

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