Life as we live it

Mike and I had the pleasure of taking our cousin out for his first real sushi experience.  He was incredibly adventurous and *mostly* enjoyed what he tried.  I think the main exception to that was the massive chunk of octopus – it was not a favorite for either guy (and this girl did not even try it!).  Anyway, it was so much fun to get to expose him to something we enjoy so much.

We tried out a new-to-us place for lunch this weekend.  Micah took the liberty of capturing some pictures after I took the first one of him.   Micah would like a camera that can “take selfies”.  We had a little chat about the importance of focusing on other people rather than self. =D

We *finally* got to see Baby Caleb and his parents again.  It had been almost 2 months, which is half of his life already, since we saw him.  Micah enjoyed showing him his toys.

Snapped these shots of Ethan looking grown up…busy emailing his “best friend, Hana.”  When asked during a devotional this week who his best friends were, he listed all of the members of his immediate family and “Hana and Ellie…and Harrison…and Christopher.” Anyway, the two of them email back and forth every couple of weeks and it’s incredibly sweet.

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