Mid-March Update

I’m finding it hard to believe it’s the middle of March already.  While this has been a relatively restful season in life, it’s moving by quickly!

Below are some homeschool pictures of the kiddos.  Ethan is working on adding and subtracting with money (next up – fractions!).  Micah is also doing addition and subtraction.  He likes to write as small as can be – this should remind both sets of grandparents of their own children (Mike and I both were tiny writers in school).  Micah is also busy learning how to read and doing a really good job at it.  Teaching someone to read is super intimidating to me, but it appears to be working thus far. =D

E had a neat opportunity presented to him by his Auntie Jen this weekend.  She requested that he send videos of him singing his skip-counting songs to help a young girl with her multiplication.  He did so right away!  And Micah got in on some of the videos to add some comic relief. =D  E may end up getting to be a pen pal with this young lady, too, as she could use some help reading and writing English.  It would certainly be a helpful and neat experience for him, too!


Last week we had a milestone: first time rollerskating at a rink!  I was incredibly excited, but, unfortunately, it was not met with the same excitement by all members of the Cleve Crew.  Micah did quite a few laps and seemed to enjoy himself.  E decided very early on that he would not be participating.  We were bummed about his choice as it really forced us to have a fairly short evening.  It may be a while before we make another rollerskating attempt.  Also, I thought at least one of the boys was smiling in that picture of me and the boys…I had to include it anyway because they both look so bored and scared…it makes me giggle. =D

Other updates –

Micah occasionally likes to help with the dishes.  Usually he would prefer to wash his own dishes in the bathroom sink…but in an attempt to save our drains, I encouraged him to wash some dishes with soap in the kitchen sink.


You’ve probably heard me talk about the concept of “mirrors and windows” if you’ve had a conversation with me in the last few months.  Mirrors represent people who look and think like you do.  Windows represent people who look, think, or live differently than you do.  We are trying to be more intentional to have both mirrors and windows in our boys’ (and our own) world.  One way we’ve become more intentional in this area is to read books with main characters that look different than us or that live in a different country.  It’s been fun going to the library hunting for those books/characters and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how easy it is.  We’ve read books taking place in Uganda, Kenya and other African countries.  We’ve read books about jazz clubs in the South.  We’ve read books about kids living in Norway during World War II.  Anyway, it’s been a fairly simple and fun way to become a little more well-rounded/cultured.

Micah posed for a picture as an army guy today and he’s looking so old:


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