This past weekend I had the incredibly opportunity to take another retreat with my dear friend, Amy.  You may remember that she and I did this last November, too.  This time we went to Grand Lake – a super quiet town on the other side of Rocky Mountain National Park (opposite to Estes Park, that is, which is where we stayed in November).  To give you an idea of how quiet this town was…many stores/restaurants were not open during the winter season and those that were often closed at “12-ish”.  Thus, our food options were a bit limited, but it was absolutely endearing to watch the locals enter the (1 out of 2 open) coffee house and have the owner say, “do you want your usual?”.  My small town dreamer attitude LOVED that piece.  My city girl attitude would have liked a few more options for places to eat meals past 2. =D  Anyway, it was lovely and incredibly restful!

This is the view from our hotel:


We attempted to hike on Saturday…without snowshoes…and found it to be very difficult.  Every few steps we ended up knee-deep in the snow.  We laughed so hard and toughed it out for a long time…but ultimately had to head back!

That evening, we heard about a full moon snowshoeing opportunity!  This was definitely a highlight for us.  It was incredibly fun to hike through the forest (on a golf course) with nothing but the moon to light our way.

We’re not big picture-takers…but I tried to snap a few to help remind me of the wonderful retreat.  We are so thankful for our hubbies who made this happen for us!!

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