When I returned from my retreat, I had the opportunity to watch Cousin Caleb (the younger) for a night.  Any of you parents know how challenging those first few months can be in terms of getting sleep, so I offered to take a night with him to allow his parents to get some much-needed sleep.  We had a lovely time with him!  The boys loved playing with him and reading to him.  Micah told me many times that I could wake him up in the middle of the night if Caleb was crying because “he’s really good with babies”.  And Ethan told me later that he likes and doesn’t like babies.  He likes how cute they are, but he doesn’t like when they cry and wake him up.  LOL.  Anyway, it was a fun opportunity!!

The boys do a lot of battles at our house.  Some of them are Narnian, some are Star Wars, and some are WWII.  Sometimes, we have a mix of all three favorites.  Ethan set up a huge WWII (with some additions) scene and played it all out for us.


One-on-ones are happening every Monday now and going well.  This past week I had Micah at home and Mike took Ethan out.  Micah and I had hot chocolate and played with toys. =D  E and Mike went to Starbucks, I think, to have some hot chocolate and played card games.


I celebrated my 8-year anniversary with Meg this week.  We went out for sushi to catch up and celebrate.  Love this girl.  We get together almost every month, but this was a fun excuse. =D


Pi day was this week.  We celebrated over two days – we had shepherds pie one night and then made little ice cream pies the next.  We were working on fractions, too, so the pies came in handy for doing that!

E worked on his very first Sudoku puzzle this week.  It’s been quite the challenge – for both of us! =/


And I started and finished a lovely book this week.  We had lovely weather, so I spent some time reading outside while the boys played.  I also went over to help with Caleb since Ace was sick with the flu, so I had some extra time to read there, too.  One chapter book in 2 days might be a milestone for me. 😉  Also, check out my super awesome bruise.  I took this picture strategically so I could show that baby off. Haha!  It’s from the snow on our crazy “hike” in Grand Lake.


Outside time this week in the beautiful weather:

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