Weekend Fun!

We had wonderful weather this past weekend.  It was unreal.  Weather in Colorado is a little crazy…get this: on Saturday, Mike *finally* had an opportunity to enjoy the slopes.  (We had attempted to get the boys pumped about skiing, but to no avail.)  So, I encouraged Mikey to just do it on his own instead.  He had an incredible time (I requested these photos; I highly doubt he would have taken a selfie without my request!).

Meanwhile, the boys and I wore shorts and t-shirts for our almost 4 mile bike ride to the park.  I walked alongside the boys since Micah still needs help up the hills.  This was his longest bike ride to date. Woot!

Sunday, after church, we went for about a 3.5 mile hike in Lone Tree.  It was about a 15 min drive and turned out to have beautiful views of the city and the mountains.  The picture of Micah and me has the hospital where I gave birth to him behind us.  =D  Also, the boys are LOVING their Swiss army knives right now…they came in handy for so many things on this hike. 😉

Upon our arrival back home, the boys continued their work of whittling with their Swiss army knives.  E is making a spear.  I am not exactly sure what Micah is making, but perhaps the same thing.

Learning doesn’t stop just because it’s the weekend.  The boys, unprompted by me, wanted to put the timeline in order from the beginning through week 21 (which is the week we are currently studying in CC).  They have been working hard to memorize all of these important events in history.  It might be my favorite part about CC!

I have been meaning to find recipes or other interesting facts/books/etc each week to keep our geography more interesting.  This year has been a major fail in that area, but I’m excited to try again next year!  Anyway, a few weeks ago, the boys learned where the Philippines are in the world and this seemed like a perfect opportunity.  We decided to ask Uncle Jason if he/his family might have an easy recipe for us to try so we could get a feel for Filipino food.  In typical, awesome Jason form, he made us this video and sent over his recipe:

And I tried my hand at making pancit (pronounced pahn-sit) a few weeks later.  The boys LOVED it.  Ethan even chose to eat it the following day rather than eating left over pizza.  That tells you something. =D

Micah felt the need to send this video to Jen and Jason:

Anyway, we had a very nice weekend!  Having time as a family is so special to me.  I am trying to soak it all in since I know life won’t always be like this. =)

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