Our week at a glance

Colorado weather was stunningly warm this past week.  The boys and I took homeschooling outside at the park on Monday.  We ate our lunch, read a bunch, and then the boys played on the playground for a while.  I finished another novel – go me!

The favored thing to play this week has been school.  Yes, this might seem odd to you for us to “pretend to be at school”…while we are at home…doing homeschool.  I raised a lot of questions about this game myself, but we have different names when we “play school” so it’s really very different than homeschooling.

Micah has a lot of characters; he vacillates between Reepicheep (Chronicles of Narnia), Liam (made up boy who is pretty naughty), Luke Skywalker (the Jedi), and Yoda.  Occasionally he takes a turn at being the teacher, Mr. John (who is sometimes called Mr. J for short).

Ethan likes to be Alexander (a very smart kid), Chewie (from Star Wars – thankfully he speaks so that we can understand him), or Mr. John (the teacher).

When I am not playing the part of the teacher (umm…), with the lovely title of Miss Amedala (Star Wars), I get to be Charlotte (made up girl who is pretty smart) or Leah (Charlotte’s little sister), or Melissa, the cafeteria worker who makes lunch for everyone.  OH.MY.WORD.

Today we took turns (for an hour) giving various presentations for our various characters.  Luke spoke about his light saver he got from Obi Won that used to be his father’s weapon.  Yoda (the character that is on his knees, due to his stature) showed his favorite marble.  And Chewie showed off the Lego set of…Chewie. =D  Charlotte explained how to play a game her parents brought back from Belize last year and Leah read a poem.  All were big hits.

Sometimes I sneak actual homeschooling into our “day at school”.  Miss Amedala did a whole lesson on week 22 of Classical Conversations today.  Ethan/Alexander made a lovely video:

In actual CC/homeschooling news, Micah joined my class this week.  It wasn’t an expected visit, but it ended up being a special treat.  It was nice to get to watch his presentation!  He said he loved having me as his tutor. =)  Also, check out my crab…looks just like Costa Rica, right??  Ha!

We also got a surprise package from Grandma Cleve!  So much fun.  Thanks, Grandma Cleve! =D   It was a fun week!


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