Wrapping up March, Part 1

March has come and gone…not all that much like the proverbial lion and lamb here in Colorado, though.

Ethan received his first letter from his new pen pal in Chicago.  She has been prayed for almost every day since we learned of her learning English and math facts. =)


Last weekend, we went downtown to enjoy the city a bit.  We had lunch there and had a fun time looking at books at Tattered Cover – a cool bookstore where Mike and I had a date or two in college.  We also checked out REI and the surrounding area for a while.

We finished the month by enjoying some time with my cousins.  They were heading to Utah for a camping excursion and we had the opportunity to host them a bit before and see them again after the camping.  The boys were absolutely ecstatic to have time with Luke and Anne.  They showered the boys with love and attention and the boys couldn’t get enough of them.

Ethan hit a major milestone with them (sadly, no pictures to prove it) – he went for a 7 mile bike ride while they ran.  They tell me he did not complain at all.  =)  He was pretty proud of himself and thought it was SO cool to get to be out with his two cousins on his own.

Here are some pictures of our time with Luke and Anne – both before their camping and after it.  Having Mel and Joel and their boys in town is extra sweet when we have other family members visiting as it means more time with them.  We do PE plus together and then had lunch and went to the museum.  That evening we were able to watch Caleb in his…Mr. Thunder contest.  It was a blast!  He was very impressive. =D

March wrap up version of homeschooling pictures and videos…

The commutative law for addition and multiplication:

The boys have been busy writing stories for school.  Ethan has written three chapters thus far of a book called, “The Man in the Woods”.  Meanwhile, Micah wrote a short story, too, about some very interesting characters.  Micah has also been playing a variation of Battleship with me for letter and number recognition, as well as following directions. =D He also joined us for one last time of CC.  He did great in my class again and hopes that I’ll be his tutor next year. =)

I just love these pictures of the two of them smiling together.

Also, Micah was dressed like Mr. Popper’s Penguins in honor of the first chapter book he listened to and LOVED.  Woot woot!

More to come for March wrap ups…but this is already long enough!

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