Wrapping up March, Part 2

We also had the pleasure of babysitting baby Caleb.  Micah particularly loves to babysit him and is very helpful in keeping him occupied.

Caleb is almost 5 months old already, which is hard to believe!  I decided to show the boys pictures of themselves when they were 4 months old.  I thought I’d share that with you guys, too!  Can you figure out which boy is which?

The top two pictures are of Ethan at 4 months.  The bottom two are of Micah at the same age.  I included one of Ace because it’s kind of fun to think about her now being a mom to a boy the same age as in that picture. =)

I snapped this picture of Ethan during our one-on-one last week.  He sure is growing up!


I took the boys out to a musical last week with some of our friends.  I met Libby at CCU, so it was fun to go back to our campus with her and two of her boys.  We enjoyed some delicious, albeit spicy, Indian food before attending the Suessical, a play put on by homeschooled kiddos.  Such a fun night!

While we were in Lakewood, we walked by the apartment where Mike and I lived in our first year of marriage.  Ethan pointed to our balcony for a picture. =D  Throwback pictures to us during our first year of marriage living at that apartment.

Next up…April!

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