Ethan’s First Ski Trip

On April 1st, we asked the boys if they might like to go skiing with Daddio and his friend (and his son).  If Ethan knew anything about April Fools jokes, we would have assumed he was playing one on us when he said, “yeah!  I’d like to give it a try!”  Honestly, we asked expecting them both to say, “no thanks.”  But, of course, when E said he was interested in trying, we knew we had to make it happen.  So within an hour, the two of them were off on their first (of many?) ski trip.

He did some practice runs at the bunny hill before having a one-on-one lesson with a ski instructor.  Here’s his very first attempt!

Here are some pre-lesson photos of them:

He had a great lesson, which really helped him to enjoy skiing.  It was worth it!  Mike did a few runs on his own and took some pictures of the friends they went with – he’s about 6 years old, I think, and LOVES skiing already.  His dad is pretty unreal out there – he’s skiing backwards to keep things interesting for himself. What?!



Here is a video of Ethan in his lesson (jumping already!):

At the end of the day, the two of them went up the mountain and skied all the way down. Ethan didn’t learn how to turn, yet, so he had a hard time slowing down. =)


We are so proud of Ethan for trying something WAY out of his comfort zone.  He did a great job!  While he was tired by the end of the day, he spoke really highly of his experience and wants to go again sometime soon.


Micah opted to stay home with Mom for the day, but we’re happy to say that when he saw the pictures and videos that evening…he asked to go along next time because it looked like so much fun. =D  He took some lovely selfies and videos while hanging with Mom at home that day (the videos might make you dizzy, watch with caution):


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