April Days

One of the things the boys love to do is to try new foods with their Daddio.  They picked out all kinds of different fruits and then watched YouTube videos to show how to eat them.

The boys have been really into K’nex building these days.  They’ve made some fun creations so far.

They are also very into…battles.  For about a week they chose to keep the battles set up upstairs and our downstairs was perfectly clean and relaxing. =D  Look at me – the former wannabe author who hated to read – busy reading the 3rd book in a 5 book series, “The Chronicles of the Kings”.

The boys got some new books in the mail from Grandma Cleve.  I think Ethan might have finished the one about Lincoln that same afternoon – he was so excited.  Micah also told me that he found the book about Roosevelt to be very interesting – he read it during his rest apparently. =D


And, of course, I have to include some pictures of videos of our homeschooling life.

What are three characteristics of light? Reflection, refraction and spectrum.

Tell me about the fall of communist dictators.

Tell me about the Gulf War.

Coordinating Conjunctions (video made especially for Uncle Get and Uncle Jason!):

Finally, visiting the library is a weekly occurrence.  Mostly the boys like to find books about Star Wars. =D

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