End of Classical Conversations

This week marked the end of the Classical Conversations school year.  It’s a 24 week program and it felt incredibly quick to me this year!  Ethan has now done 2 of the 3 cycles and Micah has gone through half of cycle 2.  We’ll be starting cycle 3 next fall which, I believe, has a focus on US geography and history.  I’m planning to be a tutor again next year, but I’m not sure which class I’ll be teaching.

Here are some pictures from our final day of CC.  I snapped a picture of each kiddo during their final presentations and one from our egg protector contest.  Our class (the second youngest) and the masters class (the oldest group) both created egg protectors that protected their eggs from breaking.  There may have been another class in there, too, that saved their egg from destruction, but I can’t remember which one.  It was pretty fun to see our hard work result in some success after our bridge kind of failed. =D

As a little parting gift, I gave each kiddo a homemade card, some candy, and a heart from my sister’s company (Venture Imports).  They were so appreciative and seemed to really enjoy it.  We had a big group hug at the end of class and I said, “oh man, I wish I had a parent in here to take a picture of us together.” And one of the kiddos said, “at least we know it happened.  We can just remember it without the picture.”  A good reminder that I don’t need a picture of every sweet moment in my life.  I will certainly remember that one.  Ethan told me later that evening that he really appreciated the note I wrote to him and thanked me for it.  Micah asked me to draw a picture for his tutor, too. That’s her card, along with an “inspire” heart. =)

On Friday evening, we had our big end of the year party.  I loved what our community did – each class presented some information they had learned over the year.  It was really fun to see everyone’s personality coming out.  My class sang a song about the 3 laws of thermodynamics.  I don’t have any videos of that one since I was up front during it.  Micah chose not to sing with his class – stage fright! – but I took some pictures and videos of them singing their songs because it was so stinkin’ cute.

While our CC class is over for the year, we are not quite done with our school year.  We are hoping to finish up by May 11, but we’ll see! =)

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