Other Recent Happenings

We had a little visit with Aunt Ashley and Caleb the day we finished CC.  It was nice to have some time with them again!  We played here at the house and also went for a little walk/bike ride.  Sure is fun having family in town!


Micah made a lovely commercial for a bar he ate recently, entirely his idea.  He’s so silly!

We listened to a song at CC on Thursday – Dvorak’s 9th Symphony – that sounded like it should be the music for a sword fight.  I decided to show the boys the sword fighting scene atop of the cliffs on insanity in The Princess Bride.  The boys were thrilled.  They loved it!  And, naturally, I loved showing it to them.  Best movie ever. =D  We will be watching more of it in the days to come, I’m sure…with a little bit of fast forwarding as necessary.


This is what life looks like after we return from the library.  Both boys are busy with their books – drawing pictures or writing words/doing research.

I took the boys to something called “The Road to Resurrection” which was like an interactive, walking around play on Saturday.  It was put on by the same church we go to for CC on Thursdays – 3rd CRC.  It was so much fun to be at a CRC event again.  It reminded me very much of similar events I attended as a child.  I still remember walking all over the church to learn about how other cultures celebrate Christmas.


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