Life Lately

The boys were invited to a super cool birthday party last weekend.  It was a World War II nerf battle – pretending to fight in the D-day (b-day) invasion at Normandy.  The birthday boy is the child of one of my friends from BSF who happens to be in CC at a different location with her two boys.  I was crazy surprised to hear that E and M would want to attend a party for a boy they had only met once before…but they were both pumped to go!  Micah even played on his own (unlike at Dart Warz) and both boys joined the festivities with no hesitation.

We are nearing the end of our school year.  We have some goals – various books, workbooks, etc. – that we need to reach, but then we’ll be off!  Here are some pictures of the boys hard at work:

We also did some homeschooling on the road this week.  The weather has been gorgeous, so we took a bike ride to the park (2 miles away) and did schoolwork there.  It worked out really well.

We recently purchased a CD player.  It may seem like we are going back in time…but it’s been an awesome purchase!  Ethan listens to “Adventures in Odyssey” and “Story of the World” all.the.time.  Micah also loves listening to some CDs here and there.  The library rocks, by the way! =D

We re-discovered some homemade games and gave them a try.  Ethan and I made Ethan’s world back when he was 3.5 years old or so and it’s moved to Georgia and back to Colorado.

We spent some time with our sweet friends and I snapped this quick picture of the kids on the patio.  P found it absolutely hilarious that Ethan sat in the tiny chair previously.  She was telling me all about it but could not stop laughing.  So funny!


The boys had a milestone: they watched *most of* The Princess Bride.  This is my fav movie, so I was pretty pumped to show it to them.  Even though I have it mostly memorized, I hadn’t seen it through the eyes of a child…so there was quite a bit of fast forwarding happening.


Ethan and I joined our buddies at the Museum of Nature and Science this week, too.  (My next post will talk about what Micah and Daddy did while we went to the museum.)  E and H have been friends since infancy.  I found some pictures of them in the younger years while searching for the Ethan’s World pics, so I’ll include some of those, too!  We are super thankful for this family!

Next up: a special milestone for Micah!

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