Milestone: Micah’s First Time Skiing

After Ethan’s ski trip at the beginning of the month, we knew we had to get Micah out there soon, too.  He was so excited to give it a try and asked us about it a couple times in the passing weeks.  A great opportunity arose for Mike and Micah to go skiing with some of our friends (mentioned in the previous post), while the big kiddos and the mamas went to the museum.  Micah was up for it and was incredibly courageous!  April 14 marked this milestone in Micah’s life!

Micah didn’t have a chance to go to a lesson this time around, but Mike did an awesome job teaching him some of the basics.  After about 20 minutes of bunny hill fun, Micah already wanted to go up the mountain and give that a try.  I think they just did the one run and then spent the rest of the time at bunny hill.

Throughout the day, they took breaks for snacks, lunch and snowball toss.



By the end of the day, he went down twice without any falls!

We are so proud of this boy for doing something WAY outside of his comfort zone with such a positive attitude.  I suspect you’ll see more posts featuring the cleve crew on the slopes in the future. =D

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