Life Lately

Life is full, but not packed.  We’ve found a pretty good groove the last 4 months and are enjoying life and the speed we’re living it.  =)

We spent Easter with Mel and Joel and the cousins (and others, as well).  I snapped this pic of the boys for Auntie Jen. =D  And here’s Micah enjoying candy after the Easter egg hunt.

We are working hard to finish our school year.  The goal is to finish by May 12 and we are right on track.  We have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather and spending a lot of school days outside.


Micah is a bit of a risk-taker.  And he loves to get his tricks on camera:

He also still loves to build with his magnitiles.  This was Cair Paravel (from Chronicles of Narnia) before it fell over when we took this picture.


I allowed the boys to build two forts upstairs in the nook area (with the condition that downstairs was spotless).  They had SO much fun building legos and listening to stories from their forts.

Mike has been faithfully doing Cross Fit for almost 2 months now.  It’s been a great fit for him and he’s having a lot of fun.  The boys love learning the new moves and helping him with push ups. =D


I made my first curry sauce.  The boys thought it was okay – can you see their hesitancy in their faces?!  I loved it!  It was super easy, so I may make it more often to change up some of my sauce selections. =D


And, I snapped these because I love these shirts so much and Micah is already almost grown out of his.  And…I was so surprised to see how much alike they look in these pictures!  Crazy.

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