We are three weeks into the soccer season already!  (Some of this may be repeat, but I wanted to make sure I recorded it at some point.)

Mike is coaching Micah’s team (although I am officially his assistant and coached the first game of the season while Mike was out of town).  Micah loves to have his Dad out there, but he’s still pretty concerned with whether or not I am around to watch as well.  Unfortunately that meant that he chose not to play in his third game, because I was watching Ethan play instead.  =/  Other than that, though, he’s been enjoying the sport and really having fun out there.

Ethan is playing with a couple kids he played with last season and has the same coach.  We really like this coach and were hoping he could play for him again.

In Ethan’s second game, he had his very first hat-trick (he scored three goals)!  He played really well and was clearly having a lot of fun out there.  I barely got this video – he just scored his third goal.


Ethan’s third game was a little crazy.  His team had only 5 people (the amount who play on a team), while the team they played against had somewhere closer to 9 people.  The 5 of them played SO incredibly well!  It was really neat to see them all pushing so hard even though they were exhausted and had to keep playing against fresh feet every few minutes.  They were winning 5 to 2, when Mike arrived from coaching Micah’s game.  The game should have been done within a couple minutes of his arrival (by 1 pm at the latest), but it went on and on and on…lasting until 1:20.  Unfortunately, the ref had been stopping the clock every time the ball went out of bounds (a rule for basketball or football, but NOT soccer) or a goal was scored or someone was injured.  So, our kiddos played the equivalent of a game and a half, with no breaks other than half time.  They were exhausted and ended up losing 7-5.  There was talk of them adjusting the score since the extra half game is when the other team scored all 5 of their points, allowing them to win…but we haven’t heard anything yet.  It’s not a huge deal, of course, but we were feeling disheartened after playing SO incredibly for a whole game, only to lose because of the insane amount of extra time added to the game. =/


Anyway, we should play games each week until Memorial Day weekend and then hopefully a game that first week in June, too!  I love being a soccer mom. =D

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