Random Life

These pictures don’t all fit in a particular category, so we’re calling it a random post.

I’ll start with some pictures from homeschool life these days.  The boys have been loving working on writing their own stories.  A friend gave me a few small notebook/books and the boys LOVE them and have been working on stories in them, along with any notebook/paper they can find (note to self: get more plain notebooks for drawing and for writing! sheesh!).

Ethan is also starting to put his first novel, “The Man in the Woods” into print. =)

They also love playing store, which we do sometimes for a more fun math lesson.  These pictures feature Micah writing his price tags.


Ethan had his last class of PE+ last Friday.  After that we enjoyed a free PE+ class so that we could share the fun with our dear friends who may want to join a class next semester.  Micah participated during this class and loved it.  He’s full of surprises, that one. =)  Thankful to report that our buddies loved it, too!

Micah built a cool castle and wanted a picture of it in case it was broken by accident during a play date. =D


We had a crazy 6 inch snow storm this past weekend, so I took the boys to our sledding hill and enjoyed a couple hours out in it.  Naturally, we had hot chocolate when we got back home.  (I wish I would have taken a picture 24 hours later because the temperature went back up to the 60s and the snow was almost completely gone!  Crazy.)

It’s not the same as a before and after picture of the sledding hill, but just to give you an idea of the temperature shifts…today it was in the 80s (5 days after the snow storm) and we played at the park:

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