Weather & Science Day

This was our first year attending the Weather & Science Day at the Rockies stadium.  Tickets included an hour of science experiments and a chance to watch the baseball game.  It was reasonable and I knew the boys would enjoy it.  We took the light rail downtown and walked to the stadium – a fun experience for the boys and it meant I didn’t have to pay for parking downtown! (The second pic is from our trip back home…we were pretty tired by the end of this day!)

We met up with my friend from BSF and another family friend of hers when we got there.  The boys had a great time laughing and eating with them.  She spoiled our boys to their very first cotton candy – which they devoured in 5 seconds!  The Rockies didn’t look too good, but they were playing the Nationals who were scoring like crazy.  I always like to see some good hits and runs in a baseball game, even if it’s not the team I was hoping to win.  Definitely a fun field trip!

Side note: Colorado weather is crazy.  It was very cold in the morning and even was raining before the game started.  But then the sun broke through and even though it was 47 degrees, we were taking off layers and could not cool down unless we sat in the shade for a while (which we did…and then we needed jackets again!).

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