Memory Masters

So, I’ve probably mentioned this before…in Classical Conversations, a memory master is someone who memorizes every piece of memory work we learned for 24 weeks of 7 subjects.  This is an amazing feat, truly, and is remarkable to watch.  I had the pleasure of quizzing one of my cousins last year and he got it!

Anyway, since our kiddos are younger and will be going through cycle 2 again, we decided to do our own version of Memory Master.  Ethan memorized all 24 weeks of math facts and history sentences.  Micah, because he started halfway through the year and is only 5 years old, did 11 weeks of English sentences.  I am thankful to say, they both did it!  They both really seemed to rise to the challenge and had so much fun being quizzed.  Ethan was singing with a smile on his face the whole time.



We celebrated that evening by going out for dinner at our favorite Asian restaurant up the street.  Micah wanted to be as fancy as he could be.  I’m sure that had nothing to do with the fact that last time we went there the waitress called him handsome all night.  “Mom, I wonder if that really nice waitress will be there again tonight.” 😉

Our gift to the boys for their hard work was a new lego set for each of them.  They were pretty pumped about it.  We are so proud of them for working hard and spending so much time on this challenge!

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