Dates with Mom

Recently a friend of mind told me about a chance to see Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and since we studied Beethoven this year, I wanted to take the boys.  Micah had no interest in going since he did not like any of Beethoven’s work and found it all to be “too loud”.  Ethan was interested, so I opted to just take him.  My friend’s son had also learned about Beethoven at his school, so I agreed to take him along with us (they had scheduling conflicts, so they couldn’t join us).  It was so much fun and they were SO well behaved!!

These boys have been friends for years…

Because we had scheduled this outing, my friend and I wanted to find something fun to do with our younger kiddos.  She found a Disney on Ice performance nearby, so we grabbed tickets and did this one we all together (the four of us)!  We went to a fun pizza place beforehand and the boys had fun playing some of the games in the restaurant.  Micah is a fan of selfies and requested these ridiculous ones before we headed out on our date. =D

Mike and I cherish the time we get to spend with our boys.  We love our one-on-ones and would also love to snag some two-on-ones when we have the chance!

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