Grandpa and Grandma’s Visit

About a month ago, Micah called Grandpa and Grandma and asked them to “please come to our home as soon as you get back from Florida!”  They were all too happy to oblige and scheduled a visit soon thereafter.  We were excited to host them again!

Grandma made the boys new royal capes.  I still haven’t snapped a picture of Ethan in his, but here’s Micah in his!  Thanks, Grandma!

We had typical Colorado weather – 80s one day, snowstorm the next.  Unfortunately that meant the soccer games were rescheduled and we had a couple of mostly indoors days.  That didn’t stop the fun, though!  We read books, played games, built creations and played computer games.  And my Dad did various projects around the house – such a blessing!

We spent one day at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge with some of our cousins.  We loved it!

It was a lovely day and we saw lots of animals – various birds, bison, coyote, deer, prairie dogs and a bull snake.  Pictures of said animals are clearly taken by my Dad (as are all of the extremely well focused, sharp pics in this post)!

We spent a whole lot of time outside doing yard work.  My parents definitely did the brunt of it and made such huge improvements in the space!  We are so thankful for all of the work they did and for making it so much fun!!

Among other things that I am forgetting to mention, we went to our cousins’ musical, “Fiddler on the Roof”.  They were great and we had second row seats to all the action!

We loved having Grandpa and Grandma here to visit.  Thanks for all of the help, the fun, and the company!  Already looking forward to August. =D

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