Summer Fun!

Summer has only just begun around here, but we’ve been having a blast.  Summer means lots of bike riding, playing at the park, homemade popsicles, play dates, gardening (thanks for the seeds to plant, Grandpa Russ!) and walks as a family.  Here’s a glimpse at our fun thus far:

Summer also means fun indoors with legos (sans shirts more often than not) and movie nights.  We absolutely LOVED listening to the audiobook of “The Tale of Despereaux” and enjoyed watching the movie of it afterwards.  Again, book is better than movie.  (Disclaimer: book is a bit dark, but beautifully written and with a good overall message)

Our boys have formed a band called, “Cleveland Brothers” and they sing hits like, “When I was in Indonesia” and “Dancing in the bathroom” and “Pants in the Playroom”.  For their sakes, I will only include a couple pictures of their cute concert:

We also got to celebrate a very special graduate, cousin Caleb!  We love this guy so much!

Memorial Day pics to come…

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