Celebrating Ethan

So, I’m not exactly sure how this happened…but Ethan’s birthday celebrations were out of control this year.  It started off simple, but things just kept getting added to it making for one of our most epic birthday celebrations to date.  I keep reminding myself to spoil Micah in December with the same extravagance and then…go back to our more simple method of celebrating. =D

Our last picture with a 7 year old:


Ethan began his day with pancakes and a Skype call from Aunt Jen in Kenya.  We were so busy chatting with her that I didn’t take a picture of him with the pancakes.  So we laughed and chose to take one with an empty plate instead.  We had his favorite lunch (or one of his favs, anyway) of peanut butter, banana and honey on sourdough bread.

We opened presents throughout the day/week from various loving friends and family and also had videos, Skype sessions, and phone calls.  I’m actually not sure which things he enjoyed the most – he was so thankful for everything he received and smiled with each video and call, too.  (I couldn’t get the videos to load this time, so just know that we treasured them!)  E was absolutely showered with love and attention and we are so thankful for this tribe we have that help us raise this young man.  Thank you, everyone!

That evening we played mini golf and went out for dinner at The Melting Pot (both on his birthday list).  It was lots of fun!!  Reggie joined us for dinner which was a special treat for all of us. =D

And if you didn’t think all of that was a bit extravagant…we still had some friends and family join us in the park for an epic dart war battle the following weekend.  What?!  Anyway, it was fun spoiling this young man – he is kind and appreciative and has really fun ideas. =D

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