Daily Life Pics

In the interest of keeping up to date on our day to day life, this post is devoted to the random pictures I took over the past two weeks that don’t fit neatly into categories. =)

Outside time:

Classical Conversations Practicum:

^ this is basically a training on how to homeschool classically.  I love going to these 3-day trainings.  Micah didn’t want to go to his class, so he stayed silently by my side for 7 hours each day.  One afternoon he took a brief nap on my lap.  I couldn’t complain because he truly kept quiet and let me do my thing.  He got lots of compliments on his crazy outfits and his ability to sit still for so long. =D

Fun at the house:



^ Micah now calls me “my darling” all.the.time.  I laughed hysterically the first time he said, “you don’t have to apologize, my darling” and he hasn’t quit since!

^^ Ethan made a bucket list.  I’m super impressed with his ideas: go to China, go to Washington, D.C., go to Kenya (with Aunt Jen to see his foster elephant – from Jen and J – Esampu and Evan – our Compassion kiddo), and build a tree fort he can live in in Germany. =D

And last, but not least, picking up an ice cream cake:


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