Daily Life Pics, round 2

A couple of weeks ago, one of my dear friends from Georgia came out to Colorado to visit her sister.  We were thankful to get some time together, too.  We met up at the museum and then brought her to the airport.

Ethan has been spending a lot of time looking at potential ways to spend his birthday money.  He has had so much fun picking out various lego sets and playmobil guys.  We also had a ton of fun at Timbuk Toys – we think that Ivan and Abe might like that store and took some pics to show them.  Thanks, everyone!

This is a glimpse into every day life at our house:

We snuck in the opportunity to see Aunt Ashley and Caleb (and Grace – their dog) for a lunch and pool day.  So fun to live close enough to have random visits!


We also bought a couple plants with our big coupons – mint and raspberry.  Here’s to hoping they do as well as they are rumored to do.


Daddy went to a concert a week ago, so we had some extra fun at the house.  I love themes because I’m a big nerd.  Sharks were our theme for the night…shark jammies, shark movie and eating a shark snack – goldfish!


Next up…Fathers Day!

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