Home Again, Home Again

We’ve had two delightfully chill weeks since our return from Minnesota.  We’ve spent a couple days literally inside, soaking up each other’s company ALL DAY LONG.  Micah is usually the one who requests a day “to just stay home the whole time”.  While we can’t always oblige him, it’s nice to give us all some quiet, close-to-home days.

I’ve recently been convicted of the need to raise independent young men and not spend so much time serving them that I fail to raise them to be strong, capable and responsible guys.  We’ve always had “opportunities” for them to do during the week to earn money, but I’ve been also trying to be more intentional with little “basic” ways that they can help me around the house – planning meals, cleaning up condiments and pot holders, etc.  It takes more time to instruct them on how to do everything, but I’m hoping it’s serving them well for their future lives. =)  Micah is particularly interested in learning how to cook, so I got a kids’ cookbook from the library for him to look through and pick out recipes for us to try. =)

Some opportunity (AKA chores) pics and basic help-around-the-house / cooking pics:

With an 8 year old and a 5.5 year old, naps by mom are rare.  Micah was sick for about 3 hours one day and spent a good chunk of that time sleeping on me.  And on the 4th of July, he and Ethan both napped for an hour – E by Daddio and Micah by me.  Love these times with all my heart.

Our garden is doing pretty well.  We’ve had some baby tomatoes – boys say they are delicious! – and some radishes.  The radishes are a little “spicy” but it feels SO exciting to know that they grew from a tiny seed in our backyard!  I’m hopeful that I’ll gain some confidence and knowledge and that eventually I’ll be a bigger gardener!


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