4th of July

After Mike returned from a CrossFit workout at his gym, Ethan led the family in his own CrossFit workout at the park.  This was the second workout he led us in that week; it seems to be a new favorite family activity.  He wanted to make this work out really hard and he definitely succeeded.  We walked down the huge sledding hill and then ran up it, did 10 push ups, 15 squats, 20 mountain climbers and then 10 pull ups…3 times.  Then, we ran a mile.  It was a great hard work out for us.  Micah didn’t do much of this work out, but he did bike the mile with our music hanging on his bike – super helpful and fun!

We took some post-work out pictures in the park.  Please excuse the red hot faces…it was 90 degrees out.

I am a major sucker for traditions.  I love them.  If I did something last year…and even the year before that…you better believe I’m keeping that going!  So, we made our usual homemade whipped cream, angel food cake, blueberries and strawberries dessert to celebrate the 4th again this year. =)

That evening was probably the highlight, but I don’t have any pictures to show for it.  We grilled out with cousins (and some others) at their house and watched fireworks from the golf course behind their house.  Our boys absolutely adore our cousins and they are so kind to our boys.  It’s a huge blessing and one that makes me grin just to think of it!  So thankful for family.

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