My Trip

I’ve had the privilege of helping my sister and her company, Venture Imports, at her trade show in Atlanta for a few years now.  It’s lots of fun and hopefully helpful to her. 😉  I go twice a year and love it.  It’s especially fun these days because I have the chance to spend one on one time with Jennie and also catch up with some of my friends.  Unfortunately, I’m not great about taking pictures…so they are sparse for this trip.

On the day of my flight, I soaked up some time with the boys doing target practice and making lots of food (these photos feature overnight oats):

And here are some pictures of Jennie’s booth and some of her wonderful new products.  I’m super proud of the work she does and the sacrifices she makes on a regular basis to make others’ lives better.  It’s honorable work and I’m happy to do little things to help her effort!

Jen and I didn’t end up taking our usual picture together – sigh – and I failed to take one when I was with two of the three friends with whom I had dinner.  But here’s my dear friend, Monika, and I at a tasty dinner!  SO great to see everyone!  And SO wonderful to spend time with Jennie.

And in the meantime, Mikey had a birthday!!  Woot, woot!  He and the boys had a great time, but I have only one cute picture to show for it.  Here they are having ice cream to celebrate Mikey’s birthday. =D


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