Since then…

I returned home on Monday night and Mikey headed out of town the following morning. We’re in a whirlwind season.  Lots of fun, but not a lot of down time.  We snuck in a bunch of play dates this week with Mike out of town, but I only snapped one pic.  Micah has been blessed with a few super sweet friends that are SO good for him.  They are brave and outgoing but super kind.  An answer to prayer, for sure. =)  This kiddo is one of them!


The boys also have been doing spy work and morse-code writing…and just looking silly around the house.

Also, all you teasers about our boys doing “opportunities to earn money and add value” – hee hee – it’s going wonderfully well.  I don’t get upset if opportunities don’t get done and we sometimes go a few days with none…but then there are days when they are asking for more and more opportunities to do.  Here’s E doing one of his fav opportunities:

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