Copenhagen is a beautiful, busy city.  We spent three days exploring in and around it and really enjoyed it.

The first day, however, was pretty low key since some of us (read: Micah and me) were pretty jet-lagged.  We spent some time resting at our airbnb (Mike and Ethan got in an extra walk to the botanic gardens while Micah and I slept an extra hour) and then we all went for a walk to explore the awesome and famous Nyhavn area.  We had a delicious dinner of street food and saw the outside of the Rosenborg Castle.

– Day 1 –


– Day 2 –

We had a nice, slow start to our second day in Copenhagen.  The boys slept in, played some legos and then we headed out for a delicious breakfast nearby.

We explored the Round Tower – a very cool place, as you can see!

We walked the city a bunch – visited a beautiful church, found our first Lego store (Legos began in Denmark, for those of you that didn’t know), and ate lunch on the go.

Next up, we went on a boat tour where we saw the city from a different view and were able to snap a pic of the famous “Little Mermaid” without being with the massive crowds!

Then we checked out the palace and some ruins of a previous palace (that the current one was built upon).

We finished our day at Tivoli – the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world.  We played some games (Mike won a fidget spinner!), rode a boat ride and ate some food. Definitely a neat experience!

– Day 3 –

We enjoyed a very peaceful morning at the botanic gardens on our third day.  We grabbed breakfast from a local bakery to eat there and then walked the gardens for a while.

Then we did some more exploring of the city.  We got to see another beautiful church and watch the changing of the guards.

That afternoon we took a bus to the Experimentarium.  We had an excellent time there – it’s a really wonderful kids’ museum that we would highly recommend!  (This is also the location of Micah’s horrifying experience of being lost – thankfully it was incredibly short-lived and he did the right thing!)  Before exploring there, though, we touched the Baltic Sea – gorgeous and chilly!

I’ll save our final day in Denmark for the next post…it gets a post all by itself since it was pretty epic. 😉

Thankful for safe travels and safe boys.  Thankful for Mike’s preparation.

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