The Nordics: an overview

Consider yourself warned: we have a lot of pictures and stories to share from our time in the Nordics.  I thought I’d start with a brief overview and a thank you to Mikey. Then I think I’ll split my posts into the 3 countries we visited.

We traveled from Denver to Iceland (for 2 hours) to Copenhagen, Denmark.  Next, we enjoyed time in Norway.  And then we finished our trip with friends in Sweden.  We had another layover in Iceland on our way home (and someday we’ll plan to spend more time there because it looks incredible!!).  In total, we were traveling for 14 days!

Mike is the mastermind behind our trip and did an excellent job planning everything for us.  I can’t speak more highly of his itinerary and all of the work he did to make everything run so smoothly.  (Side note: he knows me so well – he planned quieter, less busy days for me mid-trip so that I could fully enjoy everything.)  Thank you, hubs, for spoiling us with a wonderful chance to see some more of the world!

Traveling day 1 – Denver to Iceland and onward

Thankful for boys who travel well and for Mike’s organization.

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