– Day 4 –

We surprised the boys with an overnight at Legoland!  This was a major splurge activity, but we don’t regret it!  The boys loved seeing everything lego and riding on the rides.  We had a fair bit of rain, but that didn’t stop us!  We spent several hours at the park on the first day and then spent an additional one or two the following day before packing up for our next adventure.  This was operation no-regrets.  We rode on water rides while it was raining and cold simply because the boys were interested in them.  We stayed at the park until closing and maximized all of our time there.

Pics from the train and bus ride to Legoland (almost missed the train, but relaxed once we got settled) –

Hotel Legoland (oh my word, so much cleverness!) –

Adventures inside Legoland (day one) –

Adventures inside Legoland (day two) –

Mini versions of places we’ve been before (definitely my favorite part of Legoland) –

After an hour or so at Legoland that morning, we headed for our next adventure.  More to come later!

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