Denmark to Norway: Overnight Ferry

I’m not exactly sure how to best categorize this day and night of our trip.  After we spent some time at Legoland, we took a train back to Copenhagen in order to catch our overnight ferry to Oslo, Norway.

We spent a fun night on board the overnight ferry from Denmark to Norway.  It was bigger than we had imagined and we had a lot of fun.  We both regret not just letting the boys just stay up and experience the ferry until they were too tired to explore anymore because the walls were pretty thin and there was some serious music happening somewhere near-ish to our room.  While I loved the views and eating our meals while looking at the ocean, I’ve confirmed that cruises are not my thing.  Still, this was a super exciting way to travel from one country to the next!!  =D

Are you noticing the Lego theme happening?!  We did our best to give them some time to just chill and play Legos most days and they were always eager to see what Legos were for sale everywhere we went. =)

Thankful to see Mike’s joy when he is by the water.

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